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The Story of the Great Flood

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  • Title: The Story of the Great Flood
  • Author: Angela Adegbe
  • ISBN: 978-978-60375-8-5
  • Published Date: 29th July 2023

Kator and his older brother Hemen were always at loggerheads.

“Kator, get me water from the fridge. No, get me another one, it’s not cold enough!”

“Kator, it’s time to take your bath!”

“Kator, wash your cup after drinking your tea!”

“Kator, do this! Kator, do that!! Kator!!?”

One night, a devastating flood occurred that affected their relationship.

Join Kator on an incredible journey when a flood turns their world upside down, how he discovers the hero within his own family as they navigated through danger, found refuge, and uncovered a bond of love stronger than ever before.

Get ready to be inspired and captivated by this tale of bravery and power of love. Perfect for bedtime stories or classroom reading, “The Story of the Great Flood” is a must-have and a useful addition to any child’s bookshelf.


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