Hasotel Books Submissions Guidelines

Hasotel Books, an imprint of Hasotel Publishing House, is committed to publishing a diverse range of books, including Children’s books under our Discovery Series, Young-Adult fiction, Cookery Books, and Hospitality books. We welcome submissions in various genres of fiction and Commercial Non-fiction, such as Fantasy & Sci-fiction, Women’s Fiction, Cookery, Hospitality, Memoir, and Autobiography.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit your first three chapters draft to manuscript@hph.ng after thoroughly revising and proofreading it to avoid any spelling and grammatical errors.
  • In your query letter, express your writing ambitions, target audience, and marketing plan for the book, providing essential information about yourself and why Hasotel Books should publish your work.
  • Both new and established authors are encouraged to send their proposals (query letter, synopsis, or first three chapters).
  • Format your manuscript as a Word attachment with the following naming convention: date of submission (dd.mm.yy).firstname.surname.book title (Example – 05.10.22.OJArumona.ReturnToAges.doc)
  • Use the subject line: Hasotel Books Submission: [Author’s name], [book title] (Example: Hasotel Books Submission: Johnson Arumona, Return To Ages)

We carefully review all submissions and aim to respond within 8 weeks. However, due to the volume of submissions, we may not provide detailed editorial feedback. Our decisions are based on commercial viability, market positioning, and the potential for collaboration in the success of your book.

IMPORTANT: We are currently CLOSED to new submissions for Hasotel Books until 30th November 2023. Submissions made during this period will not be considered. Please check back regularly and follow our social media channels for updates on our reopening.

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