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Established in 2013 as a division of Hasotel International Limited, Hasotel Publishing House is an emerging online literary and publishing service company in Nigeria. Our platform serves as a springboard for African writers, providing them with opportunities to be discovered, read, and published. We firmly believe in nurturing writers to achieve their fullest potential, knowing that top-notch revision services not only contribute to project success but also to individual growth. Throughout our journey, we have prioritized innovation and personalized publishing solutions, boasting a team of highly educated and experienced editors proficient in various subjects and fields, including editing, publishing, and manuscript editing. Join hands with us, and let's breathe life into your creative endeavors.

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At our core, when assisting authors with their first, second, or third book, we embody the role of midwives, nurturing the birth of a wondrous invention of the mind—a creative masterpiece—into vibrant existence.

Badamasi S. Burji


Esther Johnson


Abraham Obeten

Abraham Obeten

Makerting Executive

O. Samuel Dasaolu

Creative Executive

Ogbonna Chide

Literary Consultant

Fauziya B. Tukur

Snr. Associate Editor

Ijeoma Olisekebe

Associate Editor

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Specialty Publishing

Through our specialty publishing programs, we empower writers by enabling aspiring authors to work within a feasible budget while effectively reaching their targeted market.

Tools & Expertise

Our editorial team, comprising seasoned writers and top editors, equips you with the necessary tools and expertise to turn your literary and publishing aspirations into reality.

Book Marketing

From copyright management and book launch to effective book marketing, we handle it all, utilizing our extensive networks to ensure your books receive the attention they deserve.

Quality Literature

Our high-quality literary and publishing services cater to a diverse clientele, including renowned thought leaders and seasoned professionals.

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