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Ehi’s Wonderful Wednesday

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  • Title: Ehi’s Wonderful Wednesday
  • Author: Darlene Andrew
  • ISBN: 978-978-60375-0-9
  • Published Date: 29th July 2023

This heartwarming children’s book takes readers on a journey through a day in the life of ten-year-old Ehi. The story captures the beauty of nature and the warmth of family as Ehi embraces her morning routine, tackles school challenges, and cherishes moments with her siblings. Filled with gratitude, learning, and the power of positive confessions, this inspiring book celebrates the joy found in everyday experiences and the love that binds a family together. Perfect for young readers seeking relatable adventures and uplifting messages, “Ehi’s Wonderful Wednesday” invites children to appreciate the wonders of life and the fun that lies within each day.


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