Darlene Andrew

Darlene Ekum Andrew is a dedicated student of Public Health Sciences at Nile University Abuja, Nigeria. She has a diverse background, having served as a director at Model United Nations from 2019 to 2021, showcasing her leadership skills and passion for international affairs. Additionally, Darlene has worked as a freelance promoter at Caviar Realty and Properties and an affiliate marketer at Exness Brokers. Alongside her professional pursuits, she finds fulfillment in volunteering at the Lady Irene Foundation, contributing her time and effort to support meaningful causes. With a creative and knowledgeable approach. As a resourceful copywriter and photographer, she brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to her endeavors. “Ehi’s Wonderful Wednesday” marks her impressive debut as a fiction author, showcasing her storytelling abilities and imaginative prowess.

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